Learn How to Crush Cold Calls

Double your appointment setting rate using the same, proven system our cold calling agency has been using to increase appointments and results by over 50%!

What you will learn

H2H Sales Scripts™ Course is designed to make you a better cold caller and salesperson by teaching you techniques that build trust with prospects, which leads to better results.

How To Double Your Appointments Booked

Learn the techniques and Methodology that helped our Cold Calling Agency to double our booked appointments in 2020.

How To Eliminate Your Fear Of Cold Calling

Cold calling shouldn't be scary. Learn how to overcome your fear by having better conversations.

How To Convert More Conversations To Positive Next Steps Instead of Hangups

This course will help you build trust with prospects to decrease hangups and get you to the next steps more often.

How To Be Confident in Every Situation

We will provide actual script examples that we have used in real-life campaigns to provide you more confidence in our process.

How To Adapt a Tested And Proven Process To Your Business

Learn how to implement our techniques and methodology into your own industry and situation.


Over 120 Minutes of Video Lessons on Modern Cold Calling & Detailed Script Breakdown for Tactical Use

Proven Experience

Method Based on Data from over 500k Cold Calls and 10k Sales Appointments Made

Example Scripts

5 Successful Real-Life Industry Script Examples with Video Analysis

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Cold Calling Performance by Learning Skills That Actually Work

Meet Your Instructor

Ryan Pereus

Founder & Principal Consultant of H2H Sales Scripts™ and The H2H Method™

Ryan started writing custom sales scripts online for businesses online for $5 in 2015 before seeing that many of these companies needed help with prospecting calls as well. He founded Superhuman Prospecting, an outsourced cold calling services firm, that currently seats 35 team members and serves 70 businesses monthly across the USA and the globe.

The data found from 500k prospecting calls and over 10k sales appointment set in over 50 industries enabled the relaunch of H2H Sales Scripts™ to be based in not just experience, but data. The methods used to reach these results are shared in this school.


Trusted by Hundreds of Cold Callers & Sales Reps

Start Crushing Your Cold Calls

The goal of H2H in sales and marketing is to achieve the highest level of results possible while never losing trust with prospects. Cold Calling still works! Start setting more sales appointments and demos today.



Improve Your Cold Calling Results by Learning Techniques That Actually Work in Today's Modern Digital World

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